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Superior Propogation and Growing mediums

Superior Propogation and Growing mediumsGrowing mediums currently available for horticulture & agriculture in South Africa are inferior and inconsistent.  Based on decomposed bark, compost and river-sand , South African Growing mediums are essentially a by product of the pine industry.

Quality between suppliers and quality between various batches from the same supplier – vary substantially - in terms of PH, levels of pathogens (both viral and bacterial), weed and alien vegetation contamination and acceptable levels of decomposition.

Our products are consistent both by their very nature and are governed international quality control  standards. They are both 100 % organic.

Both Leca® and Norsag Growing Medium products substantially reduce water usage, improve soil aeration and reduce the growing cycle for almost all types of plants while yielding a superior product/crop. However, once combined, theses two products function as a system capitalising on each-others inherent properties to outperform any other products currently on offer in South Africa.

As our products are organic and inert , there are no enviromental impacts associated with the use of our system. Ground and river water cannot be contaminated. Lightweight and used sparingly - Both Leca® and Norsag Growing Medium are also efficient in terms of transport, handling and storage.

Our system is used from seed germination through to the end product stage.
Leca is also the world leader in hydroponics.

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