Restoration of Water & Air Quality

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Restoration of Water & Air Quality

Restortation of Water & Air QualityDue to its consistency in terms of weight, density, abrasion factors and porosity, Leca® is an ideal water filtration medium for:

  • Potable water (drinking) – this up to SANS 0241
  • Irrigation
  • Pollution control
  • Effluent treatment works: Dependant on end use being:
    - For agriculture, irrigation etc.
    - Discharge into rivers, estuaries etc
    - Re-use in process
    - Blending back into site specific areas
    - Aquifer recharge


Restortation of Water & Air QualityLeca is also used in air and gas purification: to specific end results required by client:

  • Dust and organic partical removal
  • Odour
  • Hazardous elements


Other applications include project specific solutions for carbon dioxide absorption and Biogas processing.

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