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Leca® Light Building Materials

Building Blocks


LECA is used for making solid blocks of lightweight concrete, hollow blocks and Lecaterm blocks.

LECA solid blocks are suitable for inner-leaf walls, foundations, basement walls, partitions and outer walls. Specially-made LECA floor blocks for solid-based floors are also available.

Special feature blocks like the hollow block and the grooved block are used for specific applications. The hollow block is especially useful as top of foundation under cavity walls.

The grooved block gives the possibility to make reinforced basement walls. Lecaterm blocks are made of LECA lightweight concrete and foam plastic. Lecaterm is a complete building system consisting of straight blocks and corner blocks. Lecaterm blocks are used for outer walls an foundations.

Danish LECA blocks provide effective protection against thermal bridge and are suitable for foundations, floors and walls. The blocks are easy to work with and provide excellent key for subsequent render or mortar application.