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We supply Floragard® products to the amateur and professional horticulture sector. Our products include the best growing medium and substrates for all applications.

For Amateurs (Hobbyists)

Premium quality with an all-round character is what the Floragard growing medium for indoor, balcony and tub plants stand for. These are found both in the classic variant, in a variety of different packaging sizes as well as with a special recipe in the super light variants, with a carrying handle. There is even a bio soil without peat that also supports the all-round talents, and by means of which you can turn your home into a green paradise – entirely biologically!

We supply the following to the amateur (hobbyist) market:

  • Growing mediums
  • Planting, bed and balcony soils
  • Growing mediums for fruits and vegetables
  • Special growing mediums
  • Growing mediums for graves and decorative bark
  • Peat-free bio growing mediums
  • Indoor soils
  • Soil conditioners
  • The Endless Summer growing mediums
  • The BestGreen Growing mediums
  • The Universal growing mediums


DOWNLOAD our full Amateur (Hobbyist) Catalogue here

Premium quality with an all-round character is what the Floragard growing mediums for indoor, balcony and tub plants stand for.

For Professionals

We supply the following Floragard products to the professional market:

  • Propagation substrates
  • Potting and container substrates
  • Bio Substrates
  • Soil blocks
  • Growbags
  • Planting substrates / horticulture and landscaping
  • Peat specialities
  • Floradur Gardener's soil and Floradur Aquaflora


DOWNLOAD our full Professional Catalogue here

Floragard Universal Potting Soil

  • Ready to use, all round growing medium for indoor, balcony and container plants
  • Optimal water absorption due to Aqua-Plus, even after a longer period of dehydration
  • Lush plants due to the valuable natural fertilizer and Guano
  • Strong and long-lasting plant grown due to premium fertilizer
  • Optimal nutrient supply, the basis for magnificent flowers.


Strong in action, easy to use - this is the ready-Floragard growing medium for potting and repotting every room, balcony and potted plants. In the universally applicable earth over 90 years experience of Floragard flows Vertriebs GmbH for horticulture. Balanced dosed ingredients provide the best conditions for the safe and healthy growth of your plants: Aqua Plus ®, the patented Floragard wetting agents, ensures a simple and quick absorption and distribution of irrigation water.

Even after prolonged drying the organic natural fertilizer guano ensures an effective and long-lasting supply of nutrients and enabled on natural way the soil life. The premium fertilizer supplies the plants up to 8 weeks with all major main and trace nutrients for a strong and long-lasting plant growth. For plants with special needs (for example, rhododendrons and other ericaceous plants), we recommend the appropriate Floragard special Earth.

Other Types of Potting Soil


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